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Selling your Home, Got Pets? Does it reduce the value of your home?

Posted by admin on October 12, 2015
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Selling your Home, Got Pets? Does it reduce the value of your home?

 If a home is nicely cleaned and free of pet odours, the presence of pets is rarely an issue. However, if there is pet hair everywhere, strong pet odour, or pet waste, it can increase the time needed to sell the property and reduce its value.

It’s estimated that over 30% of young adults will react to an airborne allergen, such as skin shed of animals. Recent study found that 40% of kids with asthma reacted to cats & 34% reacted to dogs.

Animal allergies are a common concern, and buyers who have them can be easily turned off if a house has pets. If pets urinated in the house, the odour can linger indefinitely.

So what should pet owners do to be sure “Tommy” doesn’t negatively impact the sale of home? Here is bit of advice:

  • Clean the place, especially any rugs or carpeting, which may mean calling in professionals, don’t forget the air vents. If animals have urinated in the house, replace the affected carpeting or flooring, eliminating the odour at its source.
  • Pet owners often don’t notice the odours caused by their animals, so it’s best to ask your agent or friend if odours are noticeable?
  • Ideally, remove pets from the home while the house is on the market. If that’s impractical, either take the pets out during showings or keep them confined in a small room or crate.

Pets also can be a distraction. Do you want a buyer playing with your cat/dog for 15 minutes or seeing the best features of your home?

To help you get highest sale price for your home, consider spending money to fix the problems. For example, if it would cost $10,000 to replace the floors the buyer will reduce their offer by $20,000 to $30,000.

If you want to achieve maximum value on your home sale, it’s best to correct the flaws, rather than offering credits to the buyer!

Well I’m scratching my head, does it make sense?

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