Advising Businesses with Revenues from $1 Million to $50 Million


Real Estate Forever is committed to providing services to small and medium privately-owned businesses. We offer our clients services and resources that are usually only available to large enterprises.  Our full-service business brokerage and mergers & acquisitions advisory services are available to you as soon as you decided to work with us, regardless of the size of your enterprise. We are firm believers of working with all our clients with the same level of involvement whether they have revenue of $1 million or $50 million.  Send us an email at to experience our expertise and dedication to working with small and medium-sized companies.

Focus on Small to Medium Enterprises

We understand that each of our clients have unique needs and requirements. That is why we offer customized solutions to each of our clients that are not only cost-effective but also tailor made for their specific transaction.  Our promise to treat each of clients equally, regardless of size and revenue has helped us develop a range of flexible services to service a variety of industries. If you are a small or medium-sized privately held business, give Real Estate Forever a call to see our wide range of services and experience our high level of personalized service.

Our Capabilities

At Real Estate Forever we provide the following services:

Targeted confidential marketing to qualified buyers
Qualification and pre-screening of prospects
Assistance in negotiation
Due diligence throughout the process
Access to complete online tools, help in connecting with inspection & environment specialist, appraiser, commercial lawyer, accountants, banks and many more resources.

Team Approach

When you decide to work with Real Estate Forever, you get a whole team of experienced business intermediaries.  We all share knowledge, resources and experience to assist our clients. We work in collaboration with each other so you can get the best for your business and transaction. Send us your inquiry at


At Real Estate Forever we are a team of business intermediaries with decades of combined experience. We have experts who have worked in various industries dealing with some of the most complicated transactions. We have on our team, former lawyers, MBA’s, Chartered Accountant’s, CPA’s, Immigration lawyer’s, financing institutions, private lenders, Appraiser, environment and inspection specialist with many more.

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