Garden Grubs….What to do?


Grubs, nasty looking over weight worms, are actually the larvae of certain beetles such as June Beetles or Chafers. They love munching on the roots of grasses. Their over voracious appetites, combined with their ability to easily procreate, result in infestations that can kill large areas of lawns. To raccoons and skunks, grubs are also a great source of protein. These larger animals will rip apart lawns in their quest for a taste of these juicy larvae.
Imagine waking up to find the entire sod work you had just laid down rolled back up!
One of the most effective and environmentally friendly remedies against grubs is the Milky Spore Bacteria. Milky spore are ingested by grubs and eventually cause the larvae to die. The grubs then decompose releasing billions of new bacteria into ground. These bacteria remain active and one treatment can last up to forty years.
Milky spore bacteria are not harmful to beneficial insects, birds, bees, pets or humans.

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